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Strauss & Mozart concerts in the Kursalon of Vienna: feedbacks and comments

Subject: Great concert!
Comment: During Passover, I and my family went to a concert in the Viennese Kursalon and I really liked it. Thank you for the tip!
From: Rainer Mück, Germany (E-mail) | Date: May, 05th 2007

Subject: A very special present
Comment: My daughter gave me as a Christmas present a voucher for a sightseeing tour in Vienna provided by City Tours and for a concert in the Viennese Kursalon. I thought it was just a tourisitic thing, but I was pleasantly surprised! I heartily recommend concerts in the Kursalon!
From: Stefanie, Vienna (E-mail) | Date: February, 2nd 2008

Subject: amazing atmosphere!!!
Comment: That is not the first time that we go to a concert in Vienna but the Strauss & Mozart concert in the Kursalon of Vienna is our favourite concert! The atmosphere in the hall was great and the setting is incredibly wonderful. We pursued the evening in the Johann Strauss restautant: we spent a pleasant and romantic evening! [Remark: the message was shorted by the redaction of Austria Concerts].
From: Erika und Horst, Berlin (E-mail) | Date: August, 08th 2008

You went to a Strauss & Mozart concert in the Kursalon of Vienna and wish to give us your feedback? We welcome feedback from you! After reading it, the redaction of Austria Concerts will publish it on this webpage. Remark: if the message is to long, the redaction of Austria Concerts can decide to make it shorter. Feel free to contact at !

Further information about concerts in the Viennese Kursalon

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